Event Venues

Here you can find all the listed venues with events on the What's On In Carlisle website!
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Carlisle Racecourse


Bitts Park

Dacre Rd

Carlisle, GB

The Brickyard

14 Fisher Street

Carlisle, GB

The Cornubia Inn

Rosemount Viaduct

Aberdeen, Aberdeen

Carlisle Sands Centre

Carlisle, GB

Milton Hilltop Hotel Leisure Club

Hilltop Heights, London Rd

Carlisle, GB

SoccerWorld Carlisle

Rome Street

Carlisle, GB

Crown and Mitre Hotel

4 English Street

Carlisle, GB

Stones Barn


Carlisle, GB

Watchtree Nature Reserve

Watchtree Nature Reserve, Great Orton

Carlisle, GB

The Halston

20-34 Warwick Road

Carlisle, GB

The Sands Centre

Newmarket Road

Carlisle, GB