Rock Climbing in Carlisle

Challenge yourself, challenge your friends at the North of England's Carlisle. Rock climbing can be described as any situation where you’re ‘climbing’ up a rock. It could be at a climbing gym, a mountain side or a natural rock climbing location, or a ‘bouldering’ spot which is rock climbing, only it’s done sideways as opposed to climbing up.


Bouldering is a great activity that works the whole body and mind. It doesn’t matter on your size, age or ability; bouldering is accessible for all. It’s great as a team activity and especially good for those who may not enjoy conventional sports such as football or rugby.

Eden Rock

Eden Rock

Eden Rock is a dedicated bouldering centre located near Carlisle city centre. Our friendly staff, beginners courses and massive range of circuits set by some of the UK’s most respected route-setters means we offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a veteran looking for new challenges, or just looking to get involved with one of the world’s fastest growing sports.
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