Through the Locking Glass exhibition at Rheged

Cheek to Cheek by Canny Clahane

Plans are underway for a new art exhibition opening in Rheged’s Gallery in March.

Through the Locking Glass – one year on, will reveal the personal stories of how Cumbrian artists used the 2020 lockdowns to draw inspiration and create extraordinary artwork.

The multi-media exhibition will includes paintings, illustrations, 3D pieces, film and written interpretation.

Rheged was inspired to develop this exhibition following a presentation by award-winning author David Felton at the weekly Cumbria Arts and Culture Zoom meeting in August.

David shared the experience of producing the book Through the Locking Glass alongside illustrator Evelyn Sinclair, following a callout to Cumbrian artists at the start of lockdown.

Now artists, poets, sculptors, film makers and photographers featured in the book are being invited to exhibit their original work and produce a partner piece to show how their artwork has changed through the pandemic and provide an insight to their personal stories.

There is also a further callout to established and emerging artists not featured in the book, to discover other creative masterpieces produced in response to the extraordinary times of 2020.

Claire Logan-Stephens said:  “We are delighted with the enthusiastic response from artists and hugely impressed with the inspired ideas that have come out of this year of adversity.

“For some artists, it was a time to produce their best work, with no interruptions. For others it challenged them to work in a very different way, with limited materials or a new inspiration.

“We want the timing of this exhibition to provide an opportunity to raise awareness of our talented artistic community here in Cumbria and, importantly, to sell some of their work.”

David , from Inspired by Lakeland, said: “The story of Through the Locking Glass was one of Cumbrian passion, creativity and inspiration in the toughest of times.

“To be able to see the original art from the book, along with new works, will be a cause both for celebration – and reflection.”

This exhibition which will open one year on from the start of lockdown, will include interviews with artists captured on film, audio installations with both poetry recitals and a reminder of the sounds of lockdown.

There will also be a special art commission to capture the stories of visitors to the exhibition.

Artists are coming forward with ideas for events to run alongside the exhibition from a car choir, poetry writing and interactive singing.

The deadline for online submissions from Cumbrian artists interested in exhibiting is 4 January 2021, and further details are available by emailing [email protected]

Through the Locking Glass one year on will open in the gallery at Rheged on 18 March and be open daily until 6 June.

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