Theatre by the Lake announces videos and online workshops from Cumbrian Creatives

Top row from L to R: Daneka Etchells, Lee Mattinson, Mark Melville. Bottom row: Alex Thorpe, Louie Whitemore

Theatre by the Lake has just announced a series of five webinars from five different Cumbrian theatre-makers in a celebration of the creative talent within the industry at a time of great uncertainty and challenge.

The five theatre-makers are Alex Thorpe (Director), Louie Whitemore (Set & Costume Designer), Daneka Etchells (Actor), Lee Mattinson (Playwright) and Mark Melville (Sound Designer and Composer) and all were raised in Cumbria.  The webinars are aimed at 16-25 year olds, but are open to anyone who is curious to find out more about theatre-making and draw some creative inspiration.

In the videos the artist will explain their role in the theatre-making process, what their job involves, how they forged their career and their creative journey so far.  They’ll also talk about what they love about their jobs and share practical steps to develop skills.  Having got a flavour of their roles, viewers can then sign up for any or all of the live workshops to learn more.  The workshops will take place via online webinars each day from 12 – 16 October.  Both the videos and links to sign up for the webinars can be found by visiting

TBTL are inviting young people who are curious about a career in the arts to learn more about what is possible and to take inspiration from other fellow Cumbrians who work in the theatre industry.

Liz Stevenson, Artistic Director of TBTL said: “It is a pleasure to celebrate the creative talent in our industry right now as it grapples with the effects of the Covid pandemic, and it’s as important as ever to encourage young people to explore and practice their creativity and tell their own stories.  It’s fantastic to celebrate the talent we have right here in Cumbria by sharing the stories of those who have developed careers in theatre who can impart their knowledge to inspire budding talent here in Cumbria.”

The theatre has launched an artist’s network called Cumbrian Creatives for aspiring or experienced theatre-makers in the region.  Over the coming months the theatre will be working with those members to develop the network, provide opportunities and to invite the local artist community to help inform the future of Theatre by the Lake.  For more information or to join visit:

For information on how you can support Theatre by the Lake, visit

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