SENSE OF HERE: the feeling and knowing of place

An exhibition at Grizedale Forest Galleries by somewhere-nowhere (aka Harriet and Rob Fraser)

How can we get to grips with the complexity of rural spaces, national parks and protected areas, and bring multiple points of view together? How do we connect to the places around us, and in the light of environmental pressures, go forwards from here, working together?

Sense of Here is an invitation to wander around the Lake District and experience multiple landscapes and points of view, beginning with a single tree and radiating out across the fells, lakes and valleys.

This thought-provoking exhibition of photography, poetry and creative mapping is born from slow time outdoors and in-depth enquiries into different elements of landscape, centred in the Lake District National Park. The exhibition encapsulates ‘the feeling and knowing of place’.

The Frasers share reflections from long walking journeys and camping high in the fells in all seasons, including a 258km walk to complete a circuit of the National Park in July of this year; and they share insights from conversations with fifty specialists in environment and land use.

The exhibition also brings together contributions from more than 200 people reflecting on the value of the natural world and hopes for our lived-in, loved and fragile rural landscapes.

About the artists

Harriet and Rob Fraser are geographers and artists, and are both Fellows of the Society. Their projects explore the nature and culture of place and encourage participation in actively caring for sensitive environments and cultures. Their work is underpinned by research and meetings with specialists, and crucially involves long walking journeys and spending plenty of time in the outdoors collecting, as they term it, Data of the Heart. They have been supported in this project by University of Cumbria, University of Lancaster, Lake District National Park Authority, Esri Maps, Wordsworth Trust, Langdale Estates and Great Place Lakes & Dales.

The exhibition runs from 1 October until 13 December 2020.

To find out more about the project, please visit their website.

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