Review: Postman Pooch’s Pub Grub box for dogs

What happens when you introduce a box full of toys, treats and even dog beer in front of a newly rehomed rescue dog?

Georgie the terrier cross is the latest TeamDogs reviewer. You can see more dogs, products and information here.

We had rescued Georgie from a centre that brings stray dogs here from Romania in order to give them a safe home. She had been with us a few weeks when the Postman Pooch box dropped onto our doormat. It was the first time she had tried Postman Pooch and, given her history, the first treat box she had ever been given.

The box is a celebration of pubs reopening with some classic pub favourites including beer and wine, as well as some bar snacks in the form of cheesy popcorn and chocolate.

The box is packed full of goodies from squeaky tennis balls (as a terrier cross, this was easily her favourite part) and chew toys, to dog-friendly beer and wine. It also comes with popcorn for dogs, peanut butter flavoured dog-safe chocolate, meaty chews and a handy portable drinking bowl.

It was the first time the contents of a delivery are more interesting to Georgie than the box itself. The first thing she went for was the squeaky tennis ball. It’s made by Kong, which is just about the best dog toy brand around, and can keep her entertained for hours.

The dog chocolate was also a winner in small doses and the chewy nature of the bar kept her entertained for long periods. In fact, most of the box was a hit. The meaty chews were a particular favourite and take quite a while to get through, meaning it’s perfect for distracting her when she’s over-excited.

She even gave the beer and wine a go. The instructions say dogs can drink directly or dribble over food and on a warm day she’s happy to lap away when she needs to cool down.

There were a couple of misses. The strong cheesy smell of the popcorn should have been popular but after a few attempts she very quickly lost interest. The chocolate-scented chew was also cast aside. The reasoning for this is probably because it’s quite large and would suit a larger dog breed than a smaller terrier.

From an owner’s perspective the best aspect of the entire box was the extending portable dog bowl. It comes with a clip to attach to the lead and has proved useful on long walks and sunny days. It folds up flat and is easy to store and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Would we get a pub grub box again? Definitely. There are other options too ranging from a Christmas box to a Birthday box. At between £20 and £30 on average it represents good value when comparing the items separately and the drama of the arrival is enough to send any dog into a frenzy.

Georgie would give this a five out of five, but I’ll go with four out of five because she didn’t go for everything in the box. The ability to switch items out before ordering would be a big bonus for the fussier dogs.

You can order the Pub Grub box here.

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