Orchestral Music Goes On

Fredrik Holm, Conductor and Composer

The Westmorland Orchestra have engaged the conductor of Westmorland Youth Orchestra to compose a special piece of music.

When Jonathon (Jonty) Somervell, a local businessman from the K Shoes family, died in 2018 his will included a gift to Westmorland Orchestra, with whom he had been involved as a viola player and dynamic supporter for 65 years.

Jonty Somervell, Westmorland Orchestra 1997

Chair of the orchestra, Georgina Perkins said “We were very touched by Jonty’s legacy; his commitment to the Westmorland Orchestra was incredible. We canvassed members of the orchestra and Jonty’s family and it was agreed that commissioning a new piece of music for the orchestra to play would be a perfect way of using his gift.”

Richard Howarth, Musical Director

A number of very talented local composers were considered by Richard Howarth, Musical Director and Pam Redman, Leader of Westmorland Orchestra. It was agreed that Fredrik Holm, Musical Director of the Youth Orchestra would be invited to compose the piece and he was delighted to accept.

Fredrik Holm said: “I look forward to working directly with the Westmorland Orchestra and hopefully the joy I feel towards this project will shine through to the music. I love to get to know the players further, and hope that we together can come up with an engaging, colourful piece that will reflect the soul of the ensemble.”

It is intended that the new piece will be performed at the Orchestra’s Spring concert in 2022. Georgina said: “We don’t know when local, live, amateur music will performed in public again so it is terrific to have this project going on. It is exciting to be creating new, classical, music, supporting a local professional musician, and involving the orchestra with the process of composing. What makes it extra special is that we will be remembering Jonty, such an important figure in the history of the Westmorland Orchestra.”

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