Last Play in Penrith Players’ Series

Nigel Banks

The last play in the series of Penrith Players’ recordings is Institute Destitute Substitute by Brampton writer, Nigel Banks.

The play, originally written for the stage and now adapted for radio, is set in a Cumbrian village hall. It features the unlikely meeting between Colin, a former college lecturer now a homeless vagrant, and Lydia, a
hospital administrator and keen local W.I. member.

Nigel is an experienced actor, director and teacher of drama. He has played everything from God (twice!) to The Devil, a child to old men, with various ages in between.

He has also directed and started writing original works in 2009. His plays Vacant Possession, Wigs and Knickers and Daddy’s Girls were staged by Ashcan, the small-scale theatre company he co-founded while living in Kent.

Nigel lives near Brampton with his partner and four rescue dogs. He has been spending lockdown reading many books and writing a new radio play A Little Dreaming, A Little Dying to be recorded at some point in the
future when conditions allow.

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