Lake District museums announce partnership agreement

Keswick Museum & Art Gallery

Trustees of two of Cumbria’s smaller museums, Keswick Museum and Art Gallery and The Armitt Library and Museum Centre have announced that after recent discussions they have agreed to work more closely together to pursue both their independent and their shared aims.

Chair of Keswick Museum and Art Gallery Trustees, Clare Poulter said: “For some time we have recognised that the interests of our two organisations are complementary, and that by working together we can add value both to our local communities and to visitors to the Lake District. It seems a perfect time to pursue ways in which we can share expertise and resources.”

The Armitt Library and Museum Centre

Chair of The Armitt Library and Museum Centre Trustees, Tim Cowen said: “Both our organisations are strongly rooted in their local areas and contribute to their distinctiveness; each has its own unique collections and sense of place. We are excited about exploring those areas in which co-operation and partnership will strengthen our collective contribution to the cultural heritage of the Lake District.”

The organisations are looking to the future and discussing how they can share:

  • exhibition programming; possibly developing into a ‘two sites one theme’ model for some exhibitions, and a more systematic approach to loans and access to each other’s collections
  • expertise; both organisations have skilled staff, dedicated Trustees and loyal volunteers
  • resources; where this can be supported by a practicable business case
  • forward planning and opportunities; in particular the potential for joint grant applications and projects
  • marketing, promotion and communications activities.

They will also seek to develop relationships with other organisations with whom both parties have common or complementary interests.

At present proposals to work together in these areas are based on an informal mutual agreement which both Boards will review annually.

In due course a more comprehensive formal partnership agreement may become appropriate.

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