Gallery to re-open with Covid inspired exhibition

Everything is poison, it all depends on the dosage, by Louis Appleby

A Cumbrian art gallery’s new exhibition of Covid-inspired work by four emerging UK artists has been extended to the end of the year so that visitors can see it in person after the current lockdown ends on December 2.

‘Covid Contemporary’, by Castlegate House Gallery in Cockermouth, was originally planned for a special show in London in July, then postponed to a November exhibition in Cumbria which then coincided with the second national lockdown, closing the gallery for the second time this year.

Dream study 04-1, by William Reinsch

The exhibition of colourful and contemporary works by Lancaster-based Louis Appleby, Selkirk-based Alex Hain, Edinburgh-based Alice Campbell and Essex-based William Reinsch has been viewable online, but now owner Steve Swallow has extended the exhibition to December 19.

Steve says: “This is an exhibition of four young and highly talented British artists who are at the forefront of the renaissance in British contemporary painting which has been increasingly evident over the last few years.

“Covid provided an interruption not only to switch location from London to the gallery but also refocus what works the four artists were inspired to produce. In some there’s absolutely an overt sense of isolation and contemplation brought on by the events of 2020.

“Each young emerging artist has applied their own very individual style and narrative to the task; Will Reinsch for example has produced a series of Dream Study works, imaginary and somewhat surreal, whilst Alex Hain is far more concerned with the world around him and his relationship with it, be it passing buses or children at play.”

Head of boy, by Alex Hain

Until the gallery reopens to visitors on December 3, art lovers can take a special 3D tour through the Covid Contemporary exhibition at Meanwhile the business remains fully open for inquiries and sales.

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