Cumbrian author’s first-time thriller

Local engineer turned author John Faith is celebrating the publication of his first novel The Plutonium Pilgrim, a technical thriller with obvious connections to Cumbria.

“They say you should write about what you know”, says Faith, “so I wanted an entertaining and fast-paced thriller illustrated by my own technical knowledge and interests. However, people are usually much more interesting than machines so it’s the characters which pull the story along, each making life-changing journeys and completing inspirational, extraordinary things.”

The book explores how terrorists could seek to destroy the UK’s nuclear and financial supremacy. The plot encompasses land, sea and air, and includes motorbikes, cars, ships and aircraft. Ultimately, though, ordinary people – that we can all relate to – take on the challenge of keeping us safe.

The Plutonium Pilgrim is available now at all the normal outlets, in paperback and electronic formats. For more information visit or #theplutoniumpilgrim.

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