Covid deaths on the rise again in England and Wales, latest figures show

The number of coronavirus deaths registered each week in England and Wales is rising again, new figures show.

A total of 2,986 deaths registered in the week to December 18 mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This is up from 2,756 deaths in the week to December 11 – a jump of 8%.

The increase follows two weeks in which the number of deaths had fallen.

Six regions of England recorded a week-on-week rise in the number of Covid-19 deaths.

In south-east England, 425 deaths were registered in the week to December 18 – up sharply from 294 in the previous week, and the highest number since the week to May 15.

Deaths involving Covid-19 in England and Wales
Deaths involving Covid-19 in England and Wales

London had 241 coronavirus deaths – again, the highest number for the region since May 15, and up from 200 in the previous week.

Eastern England had 237 Covid-19 deaths, up from 201 and the highest since the week to May 22.

The other three regions recording a rise were Yorkshire & the Humber (394, up from 390), the East Midlands (337, up from 334), and south-west England (200, up from 162).

North-east England, north-west England and the West Midlands all recorded a week-on-week fall.

The ONS figures also show that 76,669 deaths involving Covid-19 had taken place in England and Wales up to December 18, with 454 occurring on November 18 – the “deadliest day” so far in the second wave of the virus.

These figures are likely to increase once further deaths for this period have been registered.

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